To the Introverts Undercover


From one secret agent to another, I’m pretty sure that we’ve shared some experiences. Though, I don’t think that ‘agent’ is a proper term for what you and I are. Agents are sent by authorities and higher ups, but we were actually forced by our circumstances and the reality that we’ve found ourselves in. In an age where extroversion is a social demand, those who dare defy it are dubbed as friendless loners and those who don’t are forced to conform to the societal molds of the extrovert expectation.And we go on with our lives pushing ourselves beyond the threshold of what we are truly willing to put out as we fall victims to the insanity that the noise around us induces and surrender to the troubled thoughts that ricochet across the prison that traps us. And as we fall apart from the inside out, society still expects us to put on a good show and pretend that we’re fine.

They don’t understand what it truly means to hold the honor of being an introvert. They can’t seem to see the beauty in the absence of sounds and people, only having your thoughts as a companion. They don’t realize that the silence is our friend and that it brings with it peace of mind and calm warmth that digs into our centers like nothing else. That there is beauty in isolation because it is when our minds truly shine through.

They don’t see that there is something better than being surrounded by a room of people and that is being surrounded by yourself and your thoughts that know and understand you better than any other person can. That with the colorful spectrum playing through our minds, we had to give up our willingness to actually use our voices and speak them out, preferring what they look like in the beautiful cinematic walls of ourselves.

To them, introverts are the outcasts. The odd ones out. The black sheep. The misunderstood.

But maybe that’s okay.

Not everyone in the world has to fully understand you because it would take away the intimacy that you have with yourself. The allure of mystery is a very powerful thing that actually attracts people towards you, and maybe you’re ready to conquer the world one person at a time. Slowly but surely.

So, it’s okay to be an undercover introvert on a mission, willing or otherwise. Just remember to breathe and hold on to yourself because it would be a terrible loss if you lost yourself in this sea of faces to this unintended manifestation of societal dictatorship. Even if you wear that mask that covers the rainbow underneath, always know that you are a burning star shining brighter and brighter than the day before. Keep your heart strong and hold onto yourself as tightly as you can possibly grasp.



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